What is a Simulator?

This guide, brought to you by FX Simulation, is a fairly detailed derivative to exactly what the product we are selling is designed to do; so if you are a leisure site owner or an entrepreneur or quite simply looking to invest in a fantastic cash generating coin operated leisure product, then please read on to learn more about the X2 Simulator, and what it could do for you.

Some definitions of a Simulator are:

Verb {T}

To do or make something which looks real but is not real,

The piece of equipment on which simulation is accomplished,

To create the effect or appearance of..."

There are many types of simulators available on the market today.  From gaming to training and engineering simulators, most use sophisticated computer software to generate some kind of virtual environment with objects and rules that dictate what will happen when a particular event occurs.
Simulators that are genuinely used in the leisure industry have one basic purpose, to entertain!  This type of machine can be described as either being interactive (such as a driving game or flight simulator, where the user is given a controller and the simulator processes their inputs and gives them some kind of visual feed-back) or passive (This is when the user has no control, but a simulated experience is presented to them, purely for their enjoyment). This type of machine is best suited to thrilling experiences that appeal to a large audience, such as a roller-coaster and themed rides featuring computer generated 3D graphics.

The X2 can be described as being a coin operated motion simulator; that is, it simulates the motions of a thrill-ride, displayed on the large flat-screen monitor by moving the motion capsule around synchronously with the visual motion of the ride. The only thing the user requires is are a few coins.


It is designed as a passive, leisure attraction for interior locations, such as arcades, theme parks, shopping malls, bowling alleys and other places falling into the FEC (Family Entertainment Centre) category. Its market appeal ranges from young children from 5 and upward to teenagers and young adults; passive machines, like the X2, are genuinely of interest to boys and girls equally, and with the choice of 8 distinctive, varying rides, its allure is widened to captivate the largest audience possible.        

What is it for?

The X2’s function is to generate ‘cash-flow’ by offering potential thrill-seekers a fun and exciting ride experience of their choice in exchange for a fee.

How is this done?

Rides and instructions are displayed on the kiosk; a person interested in riding the machine will approach and look at the 8 rides available.  If the machine is already in use, they can watch the rider/s inside the machine on the small 7” LCD display located at the top of the kiosk.  If the X2 becomes available for the person to use, they may insert the required fee into the coin slot or note acceptor on the kiosk and enter the capsule through the gull-wing doors.  The machine will detect the rider/s presence as they sit in their seats, it will instruct them to close the capsule doors and select a ride.  Once the doors are closed and a ride has been selected, the simulator capsule will rise to its operating position and the ride will begin, following the movements of the visuals in perfect sync.  Each ride lasts for approximately 3½ minutes; once complete, the simulator lowers to its standby position and instructs the passengers to open the doors, descend and stand clear of the machine for others to use.

How does the simulator work?

The simulator uses a hydraulic motion base with 3 computer controlled hydraulic cylinders that precisely move the capsule and provide the 3-degrees-of-freedom to simulate the motion of the ride.  The passengers inside the darkened capsule are blocked off from any outside interference, which dramatically adds to the immersed sensation the riders can expect.

The illustration below illustrates the 3-degrees-of-freedom principle.

The simulator capsule houses a large high definition screen which faces the passengers.  Once they have selected the experience they wish to ride, the machine will raise the capsule and start following the pre-programmed movements, in perfect synchronous timing with the visuals.  The simple effect of simultaneous real motion with the visualised movement is really quite astounding; the illusion of actually being on the ride is mostly due to the fluid in a person’s ear canal, which helps the brain establish balance and orientation ‘telling’ the brain that they are moving in such a way, with the eyes registering the same information, creating a believable situation where the rider can really imagine being hurtled at high speed on a roller-coaster, run-away mine train, racing car or whatever the experience may be.

The X2 - 2 Seater Motion Simulator is known to be the first of its kind to feature a High Definition display screen, 4D FX and other innovative characteristics that will further add to the immersion and pleasure customers will experience riding the machine, it really sets itself apart from other any other simulator product gone before.  To find out more about the X2, visit the X2 motion simulator product page by clicking here.


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