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Company Profile

FX Simulation is the UKs leading two seater simulator manufacturer and infact one of only a small handful in the world. FX Simulation has succeeded where so many other simulator companies have failed and created a profitable, reliable two seater simulator in the U2 Mirage.

The product is only one small part of it. We strive to provide the highest levels of service and go beyond our customers expectations. Strict quality and safety standards shine through our product and reflect us as a company.

With years of experience in the simulation industry we have been able to understand the market and the design of our simulators. Sticking to the principles that simulation was built around and at the same time providing the buyer with a safe, reliable and most of all profitable product we have risen up to be one of the major simulator manufacturers in the world.

Facts and figures speak for themselves, over 90% of our customers have more than one of our simulators. Every minute five people will ride one of our simulators in the UK. We have a reputation for quality, service and focus on customer needs which we strive to uphold in everything we do.

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