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Company Profile

John has been involved with simulation since the first simulators were manufactured in England in the 80s. Spotting the potential in the two seaters, John spearheaded their launch in the UK. Gaining experience from the ground up by attending installs and even doing them on his own on occasion John has made sure that the customers needs are always the highest priority.

John Fleming Managing Director

Carla handles all the sales inquires that come in. Making sure that customers have all the information they require to make the correct decisions is a key part of Carla’s job. Perhaps the best bit about Carla’s job is the frequent visits to existing customers after they have purchased to ensure everything is as we said it would be.

Carla Fleming Sales Director

Alan looks after the marketing requirements for FX Simulation. Press releases and product literature are amongst the main things Alan deals with. Along with making sure that a potential customer will choose to ride the simulator over any other arcade games.

Marko Fleming Special FX Manager

Alan Fleming Marketing Director

Marko creates all the new rides and custom theming for the simulators. With an intimate experience of all the necessary software and design principles Marko approaches new rides from a different angel than most which gives him a unique perspective on the ride market.

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