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FX Simulation sign exclusive UK distribution deal
FX Simulation today announced that it has completed a deal with American firm Airtoo to distribute their airbrushed temporary tattoo range in the UK and Ireland. The temporary tattoo system was exhibited by Airtoo at Iaapa last year and has yet to hit the UK shores. The system uses stick on stencils which ensure that there is a clear and defined line to the edge of the tattoo, the stick on stencil is also the key to hygiene. It means that the stencil is only used once on each person unlike many other temporary tattoo systems which use the same stencil on hundreds of different people.
The tattoos last around 3 days and can be easily removed by alcohol spirits such as nail varnish remover. They are completely different from Henna tattoos which have been known to damage the skin.
With over 4000 different designs available and the ability to create custom tattoo's the market for Airtoo is huge. The customer chooses their desired design from a selection of 30 posters then chooses their colour from a selection of nine different colours. Then the operator applies the tattoo and peels off the stencil to reveal the tattoo. Placed next to a real tattoo people would struggle to tell the difference.
Airtoo is the only system in the world to use CE and FDA approved paints which are certified safe to be used on the skin. In America there are over 250 installations with the biggest market being theme parks. The average amount of tattoos per day is 100 with top earning sites hitting 150 - 175 tattoos per day.
Each time an operator puts a tattoo on someone it costs them an average of 79p for the stencil and paint and the customer would pay an average of 5. That's an incredible profit margin ! Airtoo brings great profits to the operator and pushes the redemption and novelty market to new heights. For more information, visit www.fxsimulation.com/airtoo or call 01334 65 75 75

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