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The dream of a lifetime came true for eleven-year-old Joshua Nelson after a specialist Fife manufacturing company answered his anguished mother’s plea for help.

Birmingham boy Josh, who is autistic, was heartbroken when the motion simulator he enjoyed riding on at his local leisure facility was removed to make way for a different machine.

The simulator, manufactured by FX Simulation of Cupar, provided him with hours of fun as he experienced a whole range of different thrills, including being on a roller coaster and travelling through deepest space.

Such was his distress at no longer being able to ride on the machine that mum Jo Greenfield wrote to FX Simulation in a last ditch plea for help.

“Joshua’s main interest in life is simulator machines and we were regularly taking him to the Megabowl in Birmingham where he would spend all his money experiencing the different rides,” said Jo.

“He was distraught on our last visit when it transpired the simulator had gone. But when he found out that the machine is manufactured in Scotland, he begged me to try and arrange a visit.”

FX Simulation were only too pleased to help out and organised a full day’s tour of the factory (28 October), including the provision of plenty of time to test one of its motion simulators.

Alan Fleming of FX Simulation said:  “For many of us a simulator is the closest we will get to being in space or deep underwater and when we received Jo’s letter, we had no hesitation in offering our help. It was fascinating to know that Joshua was possibly our biggest fan. He was a brilliant boy and proved a fantastic tester of our simulators.”

At the end of his visit, Joshua was presented with a specially printed T-shirt, a commemorative plaque and some photographs to remember his day.


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