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With FX Simulation's UK achievements currently unsurpassed, the news that they will be exhibiting at the Euro Amusement Show in Vienna comes as little surprise. In order to support the serious growth plans the company has always maintained for its future FX Simulation will be concentrating on the European market in the upcoming year.

With an impressive 50 units currently operating in the UK, FX Simulation expect each major European country to handle that amount each, if not more. Currently there are U2 Mirage simulators sitting with most major UK companies and sites including the Trocadero, London Science Museum, Leisure Link and Namco.

FX Simulations two seater simulator, the U2 Mirage has seen it's fair share of use with an estimated 6 people riding one every minute - that's one person riding every 10 seconds ! With such usage it's not hard to see that the U2 Mirage is reliable and well proven. As time goes by it allows us to see the longevity of income from the simulator and how after three years on the same site a U2 Mirage is still earning as much as it was when it went in. FX Simulation say this is due to the choice of six rides and the wide appeal they have to a large audience from adults to children.

With an impressive and successful UK market campaign behind them, FX Simulation are looking forwards to taking themselves and their product across the water and into the rest of Europe.

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