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First American exhibition for FX Simulation
FX Simulation exhibited at the ASI show in Chicago this March. A first for FX Simulation, being that it is the first show FX have ever exhibited at in America. With a small stand displaying posters and banners along with video presentations, FX Simulation gave a sneak peak of what their new X2 simulator will look like - much to the appreciation of some of the American distributors, who are keen to get hold of the new simulator.
The stand attracted strong interest from operators who already had simulators, some who had heard of FX and a few distributors looking for new products. "ASI is just one of many shows we are planning to attend in America through 2005" said Alan Fleming, Marketing Director of FX Simulation.
FX Simulation previewed their new simulator, the X2 due to replace the current U2 Mirage model later this year. The X2 will have a variety of new features and specifications, while sticking with the current two seater, coin operated format that has made the U2 Mirage successful over the past years. Full details of the X2 are not being disclosed at the moment, but early indications are that most operators are very eager to see the new X2 in action on site.

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