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FX Simulation Ltd have been very busy through the summer. FX are very proud of what they have achieved in the UK market having sold more simulators than any other two seater company in history. This culminates in the fact that every minute 5 people will ride a U2 Mirage simulator in the UK and every week FX Simulationís simulators will collectively make £50,000 for their owners.

But at FX Simulations headquarters in Fife, Scotland the factory has been buzzing. Thatís because FX have been working hard taking a concept from drawing board to production. Managing Director John Fleming come up with the idea of mounting the U2 Mirage simulator on a trailer due to the high number of requests for this at exhibitions.

ďThe trailer has gone from concept sketch to working prototype within two months. Everyone has assisted in the design and production, it has been a real team effort that we are really pleased with.Ē

FX Simulation already have two orders for the trailer mounted system. The trailer has an onboard computer and generator as standard. Existing customers can purchase the trailer as an accessory for their existing simulator or new customers can purchase the simulator already mounted on the trailer. A lot of work has been put into the design to ensure that set up happens quickly and easily. This makes the simulator highly mobile giving it the flexibility to have a number of bookings over one day. For example the simulator can be used for an event in the morning, a birthday party in the afternoon and at a concert at night.

The trailer has generated a lot of interest with promotional companies and event organisers. The simulator itself is very dynamic on itís own, but being mounted on a very impressive looking trailer with aluminium chequer plate and sprawling canopies it draws even more attention. The mobile simulator is a fantastic promotional tool and can be used to promote a brand or a particular product. It has already been used at product launches and had a very warm response.

From an operators standpoint the simulator is an excellent revenue generator with the versatility of being able to easily go to where the large footfall is. The mobile simulator has generated a lot of interest around Europe where the weather is better and outdoor events are more common.

The trailer system is available now. For further details contact FX Simulation on 01334 65 75 75 or visit www.fxsimulation.com


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