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U2 Mirage
Trailer Mounted

U2 Mirage Features

Coin Operated - No need for an operator, works completely stand alone. This means you donít have the added overheads of an operator or the problems associated with having to staff the simulator.

Small Footprint - The compact footprint allows you to site the simulator in most locations. Because of itís capacity it does not need a lot of people to be busy and therefore provide you the maximum return on investment.

Return on Investment - The simulator will pay for itself within one year in good sites and within two years on average sites. Giving you a dynamic attraction which becomes more economical to run every year.

Choice of 6 rides - Makes sure that there is something for everyone, appealing to all age groups. The ability to easily change rides and monitor the most popular gives you maximum flexibility to improve your income.

Two Seater - Takes double the income of any single seater products. Makes the simulator more social allowing people to go on together making the simulator a real family attraction.

Durability - The simulator is designed with top quality products and its life span should be at least ten years before any major structural refurbishment. A minor refurbishment every three years will keep the simulator looking fresh..

Reliability - Is not an issue with the U2 Mirage. This is one of the key strengths of the simulator we use military grade parts to make sure that they can take the high amount of usage that we expect the simulator will get.

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