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U2 Mirage
Trailer Mounted


The U2 Mirage is manufactured with safety foremost in mind.
While adhering to all relevant safety standards, we strive to
make the U2 Mirage safe by also following the recommended
guidelines, not just the legal requirements.

Each simulator is passed through Quality Control at every
stage of development to ensure that we not only meet our
customers expectations, but surpass them.

In our opinion safety is not an option, it is of paramount
importance. Every simulator leaves the factory with a
Risk Assessment, CE Certificate and ADIPS documentation.
The U2 Mirage is designed to comply with the following directives :

73/23/EEC The Low Voltage Directive
and it's amending directives

89/336/EEC The Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
and it's amending directives

89/392/EEC The Machinery Directive
and it's amending directives

93/68/EEC The CE Marking Directive
and it's amending directives

Comprehensive computer systems monitor all aspects of the
simulator while it is operating. Sensors located around the
doors ensure that a ride will not start unless both doors are
closed properly. The body-hugging seats have electronic eyes
built into them to ensure that the simulator will not start a ride
until people are seated properly.

A brightly coloured safety handle gives passengers ample
space to grab hold throughout the ride.
The outside of the stylish capsule carries warning and
information signs as well as health warnings.

FX Simulation Ltd Copyright 2004

Every simulator goes through stringent electrical and mechanical testing.

Internal safety rail provides passengers with a safety restraint system.