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U2 Mirage
Trailer Mounted

FX Simulation U2 Mirage Two Seater Simulator

The FX Simulation U2 Mirage is the UKs most successful two seater simulator. With over 45 installations across the UK FX Simulation beyond any doubt produced a simple, safe and sustainable simulator.

The U2 Mirage is the ultimate family attraction appealing to all age groups. The choice of six rides makes sure that there is something for everyone. The styling is made to be appealing to all age groups and the one thing that ensures repeat trade is the satisfaction of every customer as they leave the simulator.

Fitting on a small footprint and designed to be run stand alone without an operator are some of the key features of the U2 Mirage.

Now with additional accessories managing and transporting the U2 Mirage is easier than ever.

We also offer a complete theming service where we can top and tail the rides and have the exterior of the capsule themed to fit your venue or attraction.

What ever way you look at it, the U2 Mirage is an outstanding simulator which can achieve great income levels with 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed reliability.

Click here to download the U2 Mirage leaflet (440Kb) PDF

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Providing thrills at Hotshots, Hemel Hempstead

Four brand new U2 Mirage simulators ready to be shipped.

The U2 Mirage acts as an arcade centrepiece at Megabowl in Bury