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FX Simulation's special projects division was set up to design and develop award winning attractions, themed brand experiences and ride films.

Using expertise from the motion simulation and graphic design fields the Special Projects Dept. work on hand picked projects to give customers that something extra when looking to promote their brands or products. Whether it's a product launch, immersive brand experience, raising brand awareness  or a dynamic themed attraction your after  FX Simulation's Special Projects Department can bring you something amazing in time for your deadlines.

Superfund P1 Powerboat Silverburn


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Superfund Case Study:

Description coming soon...

P1 Powerboat

P1 Exhibit

P1 Istanbul Sweden GP Sweden GP

P1 Powerboat:

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Silverburn Case Study:

Silverburn is a new mall currently under development in the Pollock area of Glasgow. Backed by an entrepreneurial billionaire this mall was destined to be something special from it's initial conception. FX SPD was hired to supply a themed simulator for the BSCS show at the Gmex in Manchester complete with a customised Silverburn ride. FX SPD created the theming of the simulator which was entirely black with the Silverburn logo across the side and the bubbles logo on the front of the capsule and on the kiosk. The specially designed custom ride takes potential tenants on a fly through of the mall while getting across key facts and information. The use of a simulator experience to put across a message has a very high retention rate amongst advertising mediums. The stand, simulator included, won Best Stand Award 2006.


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